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16.06.2013 18:37:15
The kinetic uses no controllers or cords to play, all sensor technology.

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The HD7860 will look particularly good in a modern kitchen with darker worktops - much better, we judge than the usual, more curved machines.

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I think a) wind/outdoors means different conditions, b) distractions! So much easier to keep going when you're not just staring at the numbers, c) other people around me make me want to run faster.

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16.06.2013 17:39:44
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16.06.2013 16:52:49
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16.06.2013 16:20:38
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16.06.2013 15:59:29
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16.06.2013 14:56:03
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16.06.2013 14:07:05
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16.06.2013 13:24:16
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